How do we inform our customers about important topics such as experience and energy?

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Bidfood is the wholesaler that brings the entire food world close by. From the finest fresh produce to everything you need to prepare and serve it.

Bidfood makes food professionals more successful. The online marketplace connects every chef, cook and entrepreneur to the finest international and local offerings. Easily ordered and delivered to the kitchen.


Food professionals face a variety of challenges. They are looking for answers to questions about sustainability, energy and personnel management. Bidfood can play an important role in this by sharing information from the industry.


How do we give our customers access to information on important topics such as sustainability, energy consumption or labor market tightness, for example?

By creating a content platform, we unlock information for food professionals in a user-friendly way.

The solution: a content platform based on Storyblok CMS

For Bidfood, we developed a fast, intuitive and user-friendly content platform. By deploying the headless CMS Storyblok, we were able to realize this platform together with the client within a short period of time. Speed was of the essence because the Horecava was coming up and the launch had to take place during this event.

We made content management extremely flexible so Bidfood had all the options it wanted to manage content (in any form).

Why we think a Headless CMS is often the solution.

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