Headless CMS

With a headless CMS, you can make a difference. A reliable and solid backend in which all technical handling takes place, separate from a flashy frontend where you can go all creative. Because they are separate, you are much more flexible and free in setting up a new frontend, for example.

A headless Content Management System (CMS) is a CMS where the back-end is separate from the front-end. Any content you have can be linked to multiple front-ends. Headless thus offers super many advantages for your organization.

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Joining our views

Our views on headless CMS:

  • 01 Being independent starts with Headless CMS

    Being independent starts with a headless CMS. Headless CMS separates content from presentation, meaning that organizations can manage their content without having to worry about how it is displayed. So you can change the content and then it is carried across all the different channels. So you don't have to worry about how it will look.

  • 02 Security with a Headless CMS

    Headless CMS means security. A headless CMS has the back-end and front-end separate from each other. With a traditional CMS, these are integrated into one system and the CMS database can be accessed through the front-end. You can't do that with a headless CMS.

  • 03 Freedom with your frontend

    With Headless, you create freedom. Headless CMS provides the ability to store and manage content without being limited to a specific front-end. This means you can use your content on any device or platform, without being limited to a specific type of website or app. This allows you to use your content in a much more efficient way and allows you to scale more easily.


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