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Centralize your digital infrastructure with the Member Data Platform. Manage all your IT systems in one place, without the hassle of fragmentation and inaccessible user experiences. Simplify your IT management and create room for innovation.

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The modular Member Data Platform makes your IT infrastructure future-proof

The Member Data Platform for member-based organizations addresses the challenges of aging digital platforms, systems and applications. These outdated systems lead to fragmented user experience, complex maintenance and growing compliance and cybersecurity risks.

Our Member Data Platform uses a modern modular architecture to avoid these problems. This allows you to customize your digital ecosystem and take advantage of best practice components that always deliver the best results for your organization.

Because of the modular design using microservices, you can use the targeted front-end independently of the back-end. This offers more flexibility when adding new contact points on the front-end, such as connections to external partners and services like Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

With the Member Data Platform, you have more freedom to experiment with new digital journeys and technological possibilities, without a major impact on the underlying IT infrastructure. This allows you to respond faster to the needs of your target audience and exploit new opportunities within the industry.

At the same time, our platform gives your organization greater visibility and control. This simplifies the effective management of your entire digital infrastructure and enables you to collect and analyze data from every component. In this way, you can increasingly align your services and experiences with the needs of your members and industry.

'Member Data Platform helps to apply innovation to every sector challenge'

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Benefits Member Data Platform

  • 01 An integrated modular platform

    The Member Data Platform provides associations and trade associations with an integrated solution to manage all their IT systems and data in one central location. This provides a simplified and more efficient IT management process, eliminating the need for multiple systems and complex integrations.

  • 02 Central data storage and management

    Centralized data storage and management is essential for modern organizations. It enables them to efficiently store and manage large amounts of data in one location. With improved data integrity, quick access to information and simplified data management, organizations can make more informed decisions and remain competitive in a data-driven world.

  • 03 All the functionalities to innovate

    Centralized data storage and management provides organizations with advanced functionality to innovate. With data analytics, machine learning and collaboration tools, they can gain valuable insights, enable autonomous decision-making and foster a culture of innovation. By investing in central data storage and management, organizations lay the foundation for successful innovation and competitive advantage.

StoryBlok Headless CMS for centralized content management

StoryBlok Headless CMS is the ideal solution for centralized content management within the Member Data Platform. With StoryBlok, associations and trade associations can easily manage all their content in one place and then seamlessly integrate it with different channels and touchpoints.

The headless nature of StoryBlok allows content managers to create and edit content without limitations. It provides an intuitive interface that allows users to easily create and organize content regardless of content type (such as text, images, videos or dynamic elements).

With StoryBlok, associations and trade associations can ensure the consistency of their content because they have a single source of truth. This means that updates and changes are made instantly across all channels and touchpoints, creating a seamless and unified user experience.

In addition, StoryBlok offers flexibility and scalability. It allows organizations to tailor content to specific audiences and channels, enabling them to deliver relevant and personalized messages. They can also quickly add new touchpoints and channels, allowing them to respond to changing needs and opportunities in the marketplace.

In short, with StoryBlok Headless CMS as part of the Member Data Platform, associations and trade associations can centrally manage their content and easily integrate with various channels. This results in consistent and personalized content experiences while maintaining flexibility and scalability.

  • Headless CMS

  • Cloud Native


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