WordPress in multiple languages

An acquisition in Germany, a new branch in Great Britain or entering the Chinese market with a new product. For you as an entrepreneur, it is then important to communicate with (new) potential customers. With a customized WordPress website in multiple languages, this is easy.


WordPress site in multiple languages

A website has one goal: to generate conversion. A customer who subscribes to your newsletter, makes contact because he is looking for more information about your product or - even better of course - buys your product or service. Besides images, language is an important means to achieve such goals. A French person who reads a website text in his own language fully understands your message and therefore feels more comfortable. As a result, he is also more likely to convert.

BTTR has extensive experience in building a WordPress website in multiple languages. Because we custom manufacture a website for each client, we can also accomplish your specific language requirements. We build a website in one main language, which is then presented in multiple languages. This is also practical for the appearance, management and maintenance of the website.

So that does not mean that the information on multilingual websites necessarily has to be the same content. With WordPress in multiple languages, we actually offer you the possibility to communicate specific information in different languages. This can be useful if your service in your home market of the Netherlands differs from the service you can offer in Switzerland, for example.

Are you curious about the possibilities, how the WordPress environment of a multilingual website works or do you have another specific question? Please let us know. We are happy to work with your wishes.

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