Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a Web application that features functionality previously reserved for native desktop or mobile applications. This means that where previously there was a clear difference between an app or a website, this has now blurred. The PWA is one solution that can be used as either an app or website. This PWA can be used directly through the browser, so there is no need to download an app. However, an app icon can be added on a mobile device. In addition, no updates are needed since the application is directly linked to the web.

Why a PWA?

For many organizations, a PWA can be an excellent solution for a better Web experience. A PWA provides an app-like experience on the Web, but is different again from a native app. In fact, it is a combination between a Web site and an app.

We expect that with WebAssembly and WebGL, Web browsers will become the new shell on the basis of which all future applications will be developed where more and more will be streamed over the Web. In this respect, Google was ahead of its time.

If you are also considering developing a Progressive Web App, we offer the following tips:

  • A PWA is findable through Google, make sure you have a strong SEO strategy that aligns with this PWA.
  • Make sure your PWA is designed for mobile screens in every detail. A PWA can be used as a mobile app to receive notifications or work offline, for example.


I want to know more about PWAs

Joining our views

Our views on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):

  • 01 Faster development time, more flexible and cheaper

    A PWA is faster and you are more flexible. This makes it cheaper to develop a PWA. In addition, with a PWA, a developer only needs to know one type of code. With native apps, a separate app must be built for each platform, making it more difficult for developers. Because of the faster development time and flexibility, a PWA is also cheaper than a native app.

  • 02 More opportunities to reach your target audience

    A PWA is the way to reach your target audience even better. You can use functionalities of an app, such as push notifications. With these push notifications, users also visit the website intentionally, because you can target them specifically. This way, you can keep users coming back more easily than with a normal website. Also, a PWA is just findable in search engines, unlike a native app.

  • 03 Installable and faster

    The main reason we often recommend a PWA is because of the fine user experience. For example, a PWA is faster than a normal website and also installs on your phone's home screen. The PWA offers an app-like experience, but bug fixes and updates are much easier to implement. Also, a PWA can be used offline.


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