In today's digital landscape, you almost never have to deal with a single software solution that allows you to control everything within your company. You can better compare the current landscape to a block box. By making smaller blocks (microservices) work together smartly, a powerful IT landscape is created that makes you ready for the future.

What are microservices?

Microservices are a style of architecture in which an application is divided into small, stand-alone applications that each perform their own task. The opposite of this is a monolithic architecture, where the software consists of one type of architecture. Microservices can enhance your organization's IT landscape in a number of ways.

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Our views on microservices:

  • 01 Microservices for flexibility

    Microservices are flexible and scalable. Because each microservice is self-contained, we can easily modify or replace them without affecting the other services in the application. So we can respond to changes much faster. Also, you can easily scale up microservices when you need more capacity. So if your number of users grows, your application easily grows with it.

  • 02 You turn opportunities into innovation within your current IT landscape

    A strong IT landscape is one of the best investments for your organization. Few people deny this. Yet people look more at the size of the investment than the benefits it provides. Microservices are an example of an investment that can deliver a lot. They offer super good performance because it is immediately clear which part in the large application needs to be optimized. With this, they are super stable!

  • 03 Microservices: a fast time-to-market

    Microservices reduce the development time of your application. We find it important to be able to deliver as much value and work as efficiently as possible. Microservices allow us to focus on specific tasks and work faster. This allows us to do better audience research, more testing, etc. This allows us to deliver a product that is even better tailored to your target audience.


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