API links


Remember the Babylonian confusion of speech? Speaking to each other, but unable to listen to each other. This also occurs in IT, whereas it is desirable for different systems to communicate with each other and exchange information. An API connection solves this Babylonian speech confusion.

The microservices landscape

Today's digital landscape consists of a succession of microservices. In a microservice architecture, software is built using a variety of small mini-applications. These small applications each have their own task or set of tasks and are interconnected. Together, these small applications form one whole for the end user. Because the front-end is in one style, the application appears as a whole.

Save time and money

Establishing an API connection saves time. A method of working where data has to be transferred manually is no longer workable for an organization. If you are using a software program, you have the opportunity to link it with one or more software programs, saving time and money. This offers numerous opportunities. Think of the smart combination of data, giving you better insight into the behavior of your customer. You can gear your offer better to that. Or certain information gives you an advantage over your competitors. With good data analysis, you are able to make faster and better decisions.

Develop your own API

It's common to use existing APIs. But what if the API is not yet available? Developing your own API gives you the space and freedom to integrate and offer to partners and customers. If you offer a digital product and you want to give customers the ability to have data sent to your product, and to retrieve and use data in another system.

Provide connectivity between all software

Connection between different software provides direct information flow and digitization. Connecting different software automates your organization's information flows. Replace time-consuming human actions for time-saving connection between all software.

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