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Relevant online data properly accessed and stored in your software package. With a website running on WordPress, we can interface for you with PerfectView, the widely used CRM system. Working together on a PerfectView WordPress link?

Request an interview

Linking website to CRM

A request for a quote on a great job, specific questions about a product or - even better - an order through your company website. Those are great messages on an ordinary working day. Of course you make sure that the question is followed up as quickly as possible; the (potential) customer is king. You grab the notification and open PerfectView, the online CRM system for customer relationship management, service and sales. Carefully you take over all the data and you enter the data.

Working efficiently with PerfectView

Ho but, stop doing that. With a PerfectView link on your website, there's no need. The data that the potential customer leaves with the online quote request is automatically entered into PerfectView and linked to the right person/department within your company. Is it a potential customer? The sales department can immediately start preparing a suitable quotation.

Save time, avoid misses

The PerfectView link is a meaningful step in the digitization process within your company. In the first place, the automatic link simply saves time, because you do not need to transfer data to PerfectView unnecessarily. A second advantage is that it eliminates mistakes. Anyone who enters data from the web form manually can accidentally make mistakes. You would only miss out on a great job as a result....

With a PerfectView link on your WordPress website, you'll be ahead of that scenario. Curious about all the possibilities - including other software packages in the CRM field - in terms of links?

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