How a Design System can improve the design of your product

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A new approach to design projects: Design Systems

In the world of design, there is an emerging trend called design systems; the way we track and execute design projects. A Design System is a collection of guidelines, principles, tools, patterns and components that can be used to determine the visual and functional coherence of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It is a holistic approach to design, where all aspects of a product design are standardized and organized in one central system.

  • 01 Consistency

    Consistency is one of the main benefits of using a design system. With a design system, you can create and maintain uniformity in the style, color, typography, iconography and other visual elements of a product. This ensures a consistent experience for users of the product, which in turn can lead to higher brand recognition and user loyalty.

  • 02 Efficiency

    Using a design system creates efficiency in the design process. Because many design elements are already predefined, designers do not have to keep reinventing the wheel when creating new designs. This can save time and allow products to be brought to market faster.

  • 03 Scalability

    A design system makes it easier to scale a product. As a product grows and new features are added, a design system can ensure that all design elements remain consistent and can be easily adapted to the new situation.

  • 04 Collaboration

    A design system can improve collaboration between different teams. Because all design elements are standardized and stored in one central system, all teams, such as designers, developers, and product managers, can easily communicate and collaborate with each other.

  • 05 Cost savings

    Using a design system can save money in the long run. Because many design elements are already defined, designers need to spend less time on the design process. Also, using a design system can ensure that fewer errors are made, which is cost-saving.


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