Design Systems

Innovation is also taking place in the field of design. With the advent of all digital possibilities, design is subject to change. Applications are changing, the shelf life of communications is decreasing. As a result, the corporate identity manual increasingly fails to meet the needs of your organization.

In its place has come the Design System. A system that provides quick and easy insight into how you can apply your corporate identity to various corporate communications.

Design system indispensable

Design systems are the basis for developing digital platforms. They ensure consistency, this is naturally more pleasant for the user. Do you want a good user experience? Then you use design systems. Accessibility and efficiency come together.


I want a design system

Joining our views

Our views on design systems:

  • 01 We think from components rather than pages

    Your design consists of separate components and is not one page. Those separate components make for an efficient work process. You can also easily reuse the individual components. This also makes it easier to examine which parts of your design make your platform more effective. This makes it easier to steer on conversions and usability.

  • 02 A design must be scalable

    A design should be easy to scale up, because your goal as an organization is to grow. Because all the individual components are stored, it is much easier to continue using and expanding your design as you grow. The basics are already in place and you know exactly what needs to be done. This also makes you work more efficiently.

  • 03 A design should be stored and available in one place

    The components of your design should be stored in one place. This way, the same elements are used and you create consistency. This ensures that your platform becomes accessible and user-friendly. This directly contributes to a better customer journey.


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