Service Blueprints

Service Blueprints (as part of Service Design) are visual tools that map the user experience and interactions in a service environment. They show customer interactions, frontstage and backstage activities, and support systems. By using these blueprints, organizations can optimize processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Starting Strategically with Service Blueprints

By strategically starting with service blueprints, we define all scenarios of all phases of the customer journey. Because this is all recorded in advance, you avoid making unnecessary adjustments during or at the end of the process.

I want a service blueprint

Joining our views

Our views on Service Blueprints:

  • 01 Without Service Blueprint a false start

    How often does it happen that the development of a product or service is started without a clear plan of action? Let alone that it is at all clear what the end result should be. A Service Blueprint forces you to think carefully about your end result in advance and also brings the customer journey into focus. This way you work much more efficiently and you start right away.


  • 02 There must be clarity in roles and responsibility

    It is a great benefit when team members know what each person's role or responsibility is in the development of the service or product. Service Blueprints help identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and areas where automation or improvements in operational processes are needed. It enables teams to establish clear roles and responsibilities and improve collaboration between different departments.

  • 03 There must be an understanding of your contribution

    A Service Blueprint gives the various stakeholders insight into the product or service development and shows how the various parties are involved in its development. It prevents the "island feeling" and gives employees greater involvement in the project. Thus, a Service Blueprint helps to work better together and team members see that they are part of a bigger picture.


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