How do we add yet unknown value to flowers?

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With over 1,300 members, industry association VBW represents over 60% of industry sales and employment. VBW is actively committed to their members. The goal is to improve the profitability and promote the business vitality of these member entrepreneurs. To achieve this, VBW went looking for a new concept for "upgrading" the florist.


How can we give more value to florists in the Netherlands? That was the starting point of this case. The florist is more than someone who arranges bouquets and sells plants. Scientific research shows that flowers and plants have a beneficial effect on physical and mental well-being. The florist has the expertise and knowledge about these effects. Giving advice on health and lifestyle should become a larger part of the florist's daily work.


For this we set to work developing a new concept. VBW gave us the space to develop three different concepts and unleash our creativity on them. The input for this came from several Design Sprints with stakeholders.

The three concepts were presented, from these one concept was chosen and developed further. The chosen concept focuses on depth and where previously the name "floristry" was used, the name "FloraVita" has now been chosen. Flora stands for colorful flowers and Vita stands for life. We have developed a new logo that matches the chosen concept and reflects the colorful flowers and greenery of plants.

Solution: the FloraVita flower fan full of knowledge and expertise

Various materials and expressions were then developed, based on the chosen concept and the new logo. Including a flower fan. VBW gives their members the opportunity to follow a training for giving advice to their customers. They can give this advice using the flower fan. This lists various inconveniences, such as insomnia, headaches, etc. It also lists which plants or flowers can help reduce the inconveniences and thus improve health and lifestyle. We have also developed a website where the same information can be found.

Within this case, creativity was key. Together with VBW, we developed a beautiful concept. Of course, we also ran into some challenges in this case. For example, the flower fan is compact so that it is easy to use. Processing all the information about the flowers and plants in a clear way in this flower fan was a nice challenge.

This case is currently still active. We are busy further developing various expressions. Together with VBW, we continue to look at new opportunities to ensure that FloraVitalists get more value for the expertise they can provide the client.

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