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This is what we mean by proposition

When we talk about a proposition, we mean the following: the way you market your organization (or your product or service). A proposition answers the question "Why should my customers buy this product or service from me?". A proposition therefore has a lot in common with the marketing mix (the 4 Ps: Place, Price, Product, Promotion), but it is more than that. A good proposition also looks at your current position in the market and your desired position in the market. And of course don't forget your current target market and your desired target market.

Visual elaboration of proposition

Among other things, once we have all the previously mentioned components in focus, we make this visual. Ultimately, most people only understand the why of a proposition change when they see it in front of them. This visual aspect is therefore perhaps the most important part of developing a proposition: you make the brand fit your desired direction.

Innovation as a reason for changing your proposition

When you take a new direction because, for example, you want to introduce a new product, business or service, you are innovating. This is because you have reached the conclusion that it is necessary to take this step. You are going to do something new. And that takes guts because you have no guarantees of success.

Hence, innovation almost always requires a change in proposition.

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We go through these steps when defining a proposition

  • 01 Observation

    How does the target audience currently view your organization, product or service? Does the appearance match your customer promise (credibility)? Just two questions we want answered during our observation. The approach to the observation obviously differs at the time when something new is launched versus further development of something existing.

  • 02 Formulating the challenge

    What problem do we need to solve? What do we need to achieve to celebrate success (set targets)? These questions are central to formulating the challenge.

  • 03 Customer Journey and personas

    How do we attract the desired target audience and where can we best reach them? Who is the ideal customer/user? To achieve a successful proposition, answers to these questions are essential.

  • 04 Visual elaboration of communication messages

    In order to make all of the above phases come alive for everyone and for the realization to sink in that major changes are indeed going to take place, we are working out in detail a number of communications.

Get ready for the launch

The proposition is ready to be launched. We try to do the launch as soon as possible by launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) because then we can quickly get first results back and sharpen initial insights.

We have the advantage at BTTR that we have a sizable development team that allows us to go live quickly with an MVP without the involvement of outside parties. By going live quickly, we keep initial costs down and can easily continue development on success factors.

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