API integrations

Avoid as much duplication or manual work as possible when processing data. Make different software solutions or applications work together. By establishing smart linkages between systems, you create a single-point-of-truth and avoid duplication and extra work.

What are APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are connections that allow software to communicate with each other. Because they allow you to link data together, they open up new opportunities for your organization.

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Our views on API integrations:

  • 01 More time through smart links

    With APIs, you create smart links that save a lot of time. An API can connect data to each other and with this can make sure that two systems communicate with each other in an automated way. This saves a lot of work that has to be done manually. The time you normally spend on this can now be used in other ways!

  • 02 Bringing data together: a competitive advantage

    APIs give you a competitive advantage. Because APIs can tie data together and analyze it, you can gain many more insights about the organization and the market in which you operate. This allows you to discover new opportunities in the market faster, processes in your organization work faster and you have more hours available for other useful work in your organization. Take advantage of it!

  • 03 Scalable through smart connections

    With APIs, you are more flexible. By connecting different systems together via APIs, you are no longer dependent on one system. With APIs you can easily modify or expand systems without affecting other systems. This makes it much easier for you to capitalize on an opportunity when you encounter it. Your IT landscape also becomes much more scalable with APIs. You can easily switch to systems with greater capacity.


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