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Using your online marketing really effectively? Then a good online marketing strategy cannot be missing. Many companies focus on short-term plans when it comes to marketing activities. An online marketing strategy is a long-term plan that ensures that your marketing goals are met. 

Online marketing is a broad playing field

Online marketing is very broad. Therefore, within an online marketing strategy, various online marketing activities, marketing tools and marketing channels must be considered. It is therefore not surprising that many companies can no longer see the wood for the trees. Because where should you start when coming up with a good online marketing strategy?

What exactly is an online marketing strategy?

When you want to start with an online marketing strategy, it is important to first know well what exactly an online marketing strategy entails. As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, an online marketing strategy is a long-term plan. An online marketing strategy is fully set up to achieve your goals and maintain the desired results over the long term. Measurable marketing goals are therefore the starting point of the strategy. Together with the target audience and the market your company is in, this determines which online marketing activities are deployed. 

The steps of an online marketing strategy

Want to get started with a strong online marketing strategy? Then a number of important steps precede it. The process we go through in devising an effective online marketing strategy that perfectly suits your organization consists of a number of important steps. We determine the goals your company wants to achieve, map out the market and your competitors, choose the most suitable channels and resources, set up a planning and ensure continuous monitoring and adjustment.

Define the goals

Before choosing which online marketing activities to deploy, it is important to have a clear picture of what goals your organization wants to achieve. When we formulate these goals, it is important that they are measurable. This way, we can see during the monitoring whether the goals are achieved and make adjustments where necessary. 

Map your current online presence

Before we know how to achieve the goals, or desired situation, we determine your organization's current situation. This way we know exactly what is needed to achieve the desired situation and what "road" we need to travel to get to this result.

Make a competitor analysis

We naturally want to reach your target audience and persuade them to take action. To determine how to achieve this, it is important to conduct a competitive analysis. This is an important part of the online marketing strategy. With the information we get from this competitive analysis, we determine how your organization can differentiate itself from the competition present within your playing field in the marketplace.

Choose the channels and resources you want to use

Ultimately, to execute a successful online marketing strategy, we need to choose the right channels. We now know who your target audience is and where your competitors are located. With this information, we can determine which channels to use to reach your target audience. Within online marketing channels such as social media, websites (both your own website and interesting third-party websites) and e-mail can be used.

Establish a clear roadmap

Have all the previous steps been successfully executed? Then we know exactly who we want to reach and how to reach this target audience. The next crucial part of a good online marketing strategy is a roadmap. After all, how do we get from the current situation to the well-run online marketing activities? 


We determine what steps are necessary to carry out certain online marketing activities. For example, think of content that needs to be developed. From this roadmap, we also determine the planning. Which marketing activities must be carried out when to achieve the best results? 

Continue to monitor progress and make adjustments

No matter how well thought out an online marketing strategy is beforehand, it is always important to monitor its progress. In this way, we keep an eye on the statistics and can see whether the objectives will be achieved. By monitoring progress, we can always make adjustments when necessary.

Need help creating an online marketing strategy? 

Want to get started with a good online marketing strategy and not sure where to start? At BTTR, we have the expertise to create an online marketing strategy that fits your organization perfectly. Want to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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