Social intranet


A digital communication platform, an online environment for all employees of your organization. A place for connection and support. At BTTR, we work with you to develop a social intranet that suits your organization.

Connects employees

With social intranet, you ensure employee connection. The platform focuses on interaction and allows employees to share knowledge and information. By building the social intranet so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute, it becomes a dynamic environment.

Information always available

Share information with all employees. Social intranet allows you to do this efficiently. Everyone has access and can see the information anytime and anywhere. This is a great advantage for organizations where people also work from home.

Assurance of quality standards

Always share the right information. Ensure assurance of quality standards by using social intranet as a communication tool. BTTR works with you to develop a social intranet that contributes to the assurance of quality standards of the organization.

Give each other positive feedback

Social intranet is a platform inspired by social media. All employees can contribute, but also respond to each other. Giving each other positive feedback is now possible anytime, anywhere.

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