Training platform for trainers and education


At BTTR, as digital impact creators, we develop a training platform suitable for your educational organization. An online environment for employees. This allows you to support your employees in their professional development. A training platform allows employees to select training or courses themselves and gives HR an overview of the choices.

Customized digital platform for best results

Together with you, we develop a customized digital platform. Before developing the platform, we at BTTR start a research phase. Through a research phase, we learn more about the purpose of the platform and the desired functioning of the platform.

Ultimate brand experience

When the development phase starts, we are going to ensure the ultimate brand experience. We do this by aligning the training platform with the strategy and branding of the organization. By giving the platform the same look and feel as the rest of the expressions, we ensure an ultimate brand experience.

All information in one place

A digital environment where all information about training is gathered. The training platform gives employees clarity in training options. The platform also allows employees to make their own choices when selecting training.

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