B2B platform


The online landscape is becoming increasingly complex for your customers. Investing in the development of a B2B platform contributes to the effective use of the online channel. Give your customers direct insight into product information and product inventory, allowing them to order directly from the dealer platform.

Product information centralized in one place

With a dealer portal, you speed up and simplify communication to and for your dealers. You are always and everywhere available for such things as orders, information and stock management. A dealer portal makes all product information centralized in one place. In a dealer portal you have the ability to segment production information for different customer groups. Segmentation can be done by language, size or type of dealer.

Increase sales by developing a dealer portal

A dealer platform easily allows you to increase your sales. Make use of discount offers or combo deals. By making the dealer platform attractive, you give the dealer the opportunity to respond to the wishes of his or her target group. Increase sales by giving dealers the opportunity to set up their own webshop for your products. This way a dealer can promote and sell your product. Ideal right?

Real-time insight into product information

With a dealer platform, a dealer always has real-time insight into product information. By using notifications in the application, a dealer is always aware of product changes. You can reach a dealer with new products by setting up a new campaign through the platform. Does one dealer sell a product less well than his competitor? Help the dealer further by giving tips, and support the dealer on his marketing activities.

Dealers as the best salespeople

A dealer or reseller are the best sellers of your product or service. Realizing a dealer or reseller platform supports as a sales channel and provides opportunities to efficiently communicate about your products and services. The biggest advantage is that your brand and product is consistently implemented by all involved. Consistency in brand and communication ensures recognizability with your dealers and resellers, but especially with the end customer.

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