Keywords research


A keyword research lays the foundation for optimizing your website for Google. Before you start writing texts for your website, it is important to know what your target audience is searching for in Google.

Why is keyword research necessary?

Suppose you are a baker and your bakery is located in Veenendaal. You sell exclusively spelt breads. Therefore, you write a page about spelt breads. You keep talking about your delicious spelt breads on this page and you expect that your bakery will soon fill up with customers. However, you don't know at that time that on average 0 (zero) people search for the word "spelt breads" in Google every month. With a simple keyword research, you could have known that. Not only that, but the term "spelt bread" (singular) is searched for a whopping 1760 times a month. Perhaps you should have written your landing page differently.

Now you can still wonder how relevant it is to bet on such a broad search term. A keyword research helps with that too: maybe "spelt bread baker" or "buy spelt bread" or "spelt bread Veenendaal" are interesting terms?

Measuring is knowing' has been used for years to indicate that just starting something without knowing what it will yield is not wise. A keyword research is an important measuring moment with which you can make a wise and balanced decision when it comes to optimizing your website or webshop. The keyword research reveals dozens of search terms that may be relevant to your business and can contribute to more visitors to your website.

The purpose of keyword research

Key findings from a keyword research study:

  • The most interesting keywords for your business
  • The average monthly search volume per keyword
  • Your current position within Google by keyword

The goal of a keyword research is to arrive at a set of keywords (or word combinations) that are relevant to your business, have sufficient search volume and, if possible, with little competition.

The keyword analysis is based on the services that are important to your organization and our added value and experience with keywords. The research looks at potential and competition. After the research, we give advice on which word combinations are best to use in the remainder of the process. We also indicate what adjustments are desired in the content of the website.

Request a keyword research study

To rank higher in Google, you can gain insight into the most relevant keywords for your organization through a keyword research. Feel free to contact our keywords specialist.

Frequently asked questions about keyword research

Can I ask for targeted keywords myself?

Curious about the search volume or competition for a specific search term? Send us a list of search terms that you find interesting. We will look up all relevant information for you and include it in our analysis and reporting.

Can I write SEO texts myself with this keyword research?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to write your own SEO texts, a good keyword research is really a must. For only 99 euros, you have all the information you need to get started and get good results. Assuming, of course, that you know how SEO works.

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