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You have a great product or service and you are all too eager to show it off to the world. Ideally, you'd like to shout it from the rooftops. But if no one hears you, it's not really of much use. This works the same way with a website. A website can look great but if it is not visited it is an eternal waste. Getting higher in Google (SEO) in that case is a must for more visitors to your website, even if you only do business locally. At BTTR, we make sure that your website rises in the Google ranking and thus becomes more visible to potential customers. Ultimately, this results in more visitors and more sales.

SEO optimization

Show the world what you have to offer

It is important that people know what you are selling and where the benefits are for them. When you rank higher in Google, more people will see your product or service. That ultimately creates more sales. The technical term for getting higher in Google is SEO (search engine optimization), or search engine optimization. In short, SEO provides the following benefits:

  • Greater online visibility
  • No cost per click
  • Strong landing pages that support other marketing tools
  • More visitors to your website

Transparent internet marketing

At BTTR, we use transparent Internet marketing to get your pages higher in Google. We don't just say this because it sounds fun. We record the time we spend on your website down to the quarters. Then every month we communicate what we have done in a clear report. That way you have a clear picture of what you're paying for. Do you see something remarkable and do you want to think about it? No problem. Our clients are always welcome at the office for a cup of coffee. No client is the same, so our strategies to get higher in Google are fully focused on your website.

Together we set the course

At BTTR, we listen carefully to your wants and needs. It is of course a shame if the wrong products or services appear higher in Google. We will therefore take you from start to finish in the strategy we create for you. In this strategy we determine which search terms are most interesting and how we can make sure that you will rank for them. Then we get to work for you. If you are capable of writing content and creating landing pages yourself, that's fine too. In this case, we give you solid guidance through our SEO strategy.

Please contact us

Do you want to appear higher in Google with your website, but have no idea how to go about it? We will draw up a clear plan for you, which we will then carefully execute. Do you still have questions or would you like to spar? Please contact us or feel free to visit us at the office.

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