Advertising on Google (SEA)


Advertising on Google is the absolute pinnacle of advertising. With the help of Google Ads, many companies and web shops have already become big. And you want to do the same. Fortunately, advertising on Google is accessible to everyone, whether you have a large budget, or a small one. Therefore, outsourcing Google Ads is a good idea for everyone.

The benefits of advertising on Google

By advertising on Google, you can quickly achieve many different goals. Depending on the market you operate in, it can also be very inexpensive. Different goals you can achieve with Google Ads outsourcing:

  • Quickly get more visitors to your website.
  • More quote requests or orders through your website.
  • More brand awareness by displaying your name or message all over the Internet.
  • Higher sales.
  • The temporary promotion of a particular (discount) promotion or event.
  • More visitors to your show.
  • More applications to your jobs.
  • Etc.

Advertising on Google ensures that your website is seen by more people. As a result, your goals will be achieved a lot sooner!

What we will do for you

Together with you, we look at what goals you want to achieve. That will be the basis of a good strategy and the determination of your advertising budget. After a keyword research and a landing page analysis, we know exactly where, when and how you want to be found in Google. By advertising on Google, you will be found by the people who need you most, at the exact moment they are looking for your services or products. The chance of acquiring additional customers increases explosively as a result.

The Google Ads scan

Are you already advertising on Google, but wondering if you're getting the most out of it? With our Google Ads scan, we take a look at your current campaigns, keywords and landing pages. In short, we check the following:

  • Can your landing page be optimized?
  • Can savings be made on certain search terms?
  • Are the ads displayed at the right times?
  • What networks are still untapped?
  • How much growth is still possible with your Google Ads campaign?

After the Ads scan, you will know exactly whether you are missing any opportunities. You will also know immediately what you can still do to achieve better results.

Outsource your Google Ads with BTTR


Our Google Ads specialists are certified by Google itself. They devise and create high-performing campaigns and ad groups for you. By working with BTTR, you can be sure that your goals are within reach. Is that what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us. During an informal conversation we can get to know each other better. If it clicks, we can start working for you right away!


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