Having a native app created


You have a great idea and want to have a native app created for your organization. Then you've come to the right place at BTTR! But what exactly does an app entail and what options are available when developing a native app for your organization? 

Native app or web app?

We have previously written a blog about the difference between native apps and web apps, as there is often confusion about apps and the possibilities that apps bring. Are you interested in having an app developed? Then it's important to know is that there are two types of apps. You can choose to have a web app or a native app made (link to https://bttr.nl/blog/native-app-of-web-app/).

The big difference between these two types is that a native app can be installed directly on your smartphone. This means that these apps can often also be used "offline" and that you can easily link these apps to other apps on your smartphone.

A web app, on the other hand, you use through your browser. A web app is a website built like an app. So the user experience is the same as an app, you just don't have to install anything. The advantage is that these apps are independent and do not have to be specially developed for Android or Apple, for example.

Getting a native app created for your organization

A native app, also called a mobile app, can be an asset to your organization. By developing a native app, you are always on your client's or customer's smartphone. You can choose to have a native app created for Android, Apple or both. 

Because your customer only has to open this app and not look up a website, this makes the barrier a lot lower. You can also more easily increase interaction with your customers. For example, use push notifications or build a community where your customers can share experiences and tips. 

Benefits of a native app

  • A native app uses your smartphone's hardware. Think GPS, the camera function or the fingerprint and face scanner.
  • Native apps are always at your fingertips, no need to launch a browser and go to a website.
  • By having a native app created, you have the ability to offer certain features offline as well.
  • Native apps are super fast. Apps load a lot faster on a smartphone than regular websites.

Getting a native app created by BTTR

Would you like to have a native app created for your organization? Then we would like to look at the possibilities with you. We will help you make the right choices so that your application is shown at its best. Want to know more or curious about the possibilities? Please contact contact us. We will gladly help you.

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