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Marketing strategy: have the guts to be different.

In the search for a marketing strategy, organizations often end up with the same recipe as their competitors. The same website structure, the same services and the same USPs. Don't believe us? Then think of one accountant who doesn't talk about quality, commitment and customization. Yet every organization considers itself unique. They are, but not every organization chooses a unique strategy. Time to look in the mirror. Take an honest look at your website, logo, resources and brand identity. Are you really that different from your peers?


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  • 01 "This is guts."

    There is a legend going around at the University of Groningen that a student had to write an extensive paper during a Dutch language exam on the question, "What is guts?" The student in question sat down, had not prepared for the exam and decided to put in the middle of his paper, "This, is guts." He stood up, handed in his exam and got a 1. But admit it: he was right.

  • 02 Being unique means doing things differently

    When you know what makes your organization unique, tomorrow's world demands a unique strategy. Therefore, determine how you will make this world known. How. Start with a competitive analysis and write down all the words you see more than twice on your competition's websites. From now on, these are forbidden words. Then write down a proposition, why, how and what without using those words.Two scenarios usually come out of this action. Either you come up with a unique proposition or you find out that this is pretty hard and you don't succeed.

  • 03 Getting Started

    With both scenarios you have to work. Possibly with us. The trick now is to convert your proposition into a solid communication message. That may even mean that your entire corporate identity has to be changed because it no longer fits your unique proposition. To give you an idea of how far that can go, read the case of ROC Rivor or check out the website of Rivor Adult Education. If you want to bring in new clients, you will have to start taking positions.

  • 04 Feel like showing guts?

    Then engage with us and make your organization truly unique. You can read about our approach here. Our team of strategists, designers and developers are ready for you and are full of ideas and guts.


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