Have an app have it made

Having an app created for your business or organization is not such a crazy idea. There are countless companies that use apps to improve business processes or increase customer friendliness. These apps can be mobile applications or web applications. It is an investment that is well worth it when developed by the right party. Do you have a good idea for an app that will support your employees and/or customers with (business) processes? At BTTR we like to think along with you and make sure your wildest app dreams come true. Whether you want a Native app or a PWA, we can do both.

It all starts with the idea

Getting an app created starts with the underlying idea. This idea often stems from a problem you are facing and would like to come up with a solution for. There are countless apps available for download these days, but not all of them fit the specific needs and look of your company. Especially when many employees or customers will be working with the app, it is important that the app reflects the image of the company. We make sure your app is AVG-proof and hosted on a secure server. Having an app developed can support your company or organization with, for example:

  • Presenting products or services to customers
  • Gain greater insight into the status of projects
  • Conduct investigations
  • Making work schedules insightful and appointments shareable
  • Efficient and quick meetings
  • An app for the web shop where orders can be placed
  • Creating and maintaining news feeds
  • Maintain and replenish product inventory as necessary
  • Collecting and sharing information
  • Sharing and scanning documents
  • E-learning that support training

What are the steps involved in having an app created?

We make an app together. You are constantly aware of what is happening, so you can make adjustments when you feel it is necessary. That way we are sure to arrive at the right destination. Having an app developed is done in the following four steps:

1. The analysis

This phase involves identifying exactly what needs to be done. What is the problem you are facing or what opportunities would you like to exploit with the app? This analysis is carefully mapped out so that we all have the idea behind the app clear.

2. The design of the app

The second phase involves thinking about the design. What should the app look like? Should the app match the image and corporate identity or not? We make sure that the images you have in your mind become reality and take shape.

3. The development phase

This is often experienced as the most fun phase. The idea and the design come together and are developed. Our professionals know exactly what they are doing and will make sure that the app you have created works exactly as you have in mind.

4. Maintaining the app

Of course, once the app is developed and working, it should stay that way. We make sure that the app is maintained and any problems are solved immediately. As a result, you don't have to worry about anything and the app users can enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

What does it cost to have an app created?

Of course, when you have an app developed, you would prefer to have an overview of the exact costs in advance. However, we will customize the app to perfectly fit your needs and wishes. We would like to hear exactly what you have in mind so we can make you a customized offer.

Get an app made at BTTR

Do you have a great idea for an app that will support your employees and/or customers and optimize business processes? We would love to help you make this idea concrete. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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