8 tips for more reach on Instagram

Getting more reach on Instagram is not that easy. Last week, Instagram introduced a new update: posting multiple photos at once. Advertisers on Instagram have been able to do this for some time, but now it's possible for everyone. Why this is such good news? Because you no longer have to overload your followers with photos, but you can tell a better story. You simply post multiple photos at once, but your followers can now scroll horizontally instead of having to scroll past 10 photos vertically.

This update on Instagram is a great opportunity to take another look at opportunities for businesses on Instagram. Below I give you some tips to increase your organic reach on Instagram. Reaching your target audience without paying, is that still possible?

Before I give you some tips on how to use Instagram as a business, I will first go over the benefits of Instagram.

The benefits of Instagram for businesses

What can you actually do with Instagram as a business? Through Instagram, you can tell your visual story! Just be mindful of your target audience. The target audience on Instagram is on the young side. Among 15 to 19 year olds, 52% use Instagram. Among 20 to 39 year olds, 24% use Instagram. Is your target audience in this age range? If so, definitely give Instagram a shot.

The benefits of Instagram at a glance:

  • Instagram can increase your brand awareness and online visibility.
  • You can drive more visitors to your website.
  • Through Instagram, you can properly convey the organization's corporate culture.
  • You can attract talent.
  • Instagram is a social media platform where a lot of interaction takes place.

Instagram business profile setup

When you start using Instagram as a business, it is important to set up the business profile in the right way. Instagram allows you to create a special business profile. The extras you then get are:

  • A contact button on your Instagram profile.
  • Add company information such as a phone number or address.
  • Viewing statistics.
  • Ability to advertise on Instagram.

You can turn an Instagram profile into a business profile, if you are the administrator of the organization's Facebook business page.

The 8 Instagram tips in a row

Now that you know you're going to use Instagram and you know how to create a business profile, you can get started. Below are our 8 tips for increasing your reach on Instagram.

1. Optimize your biography

On your Instagram profile, you can give a short description of yourself. Use this space! Tell what you stand for and what you (have to) offer. Make sure this piece of text is written in the same tone-of-voice as your other communication channels, such as your website.

2. Publish strong content

It sounds logical, but it's also incredibly important. Make sure you post unique content that looks beautiful. Make sure you take sharp photos that fit your account. Tell the story of your brand. A recognizable house style is recommended to create a beautiful Instagram "feed. For example, always use the same filter or have a certain color recur in (almost) all photos. Create a recognizable style. Using one dominant color even results in 17% more likes!

3. Make use of #hashtags

Hashtags make sure your photos are better found. Make sure you use hashtags that actually have to do with the photo or are related to your industry. As a business, use no more than 15 to 20 hashtags. And an important tip: post the hashtags as the first comment under your own post. That way, not everyone sees the hashtags right away (irritating!), but your post will be found on them.

4. Use the link in your profile

An advantage for Instagram users is that you cannot put a link to a website everywhere. This lowers the spam rate. Your bio is one of the few places where you can put a link. So make use of it. You can change this link every time. For example, did you post on Instagram from your most recently written blog? Then put a link of this most recent blog in your bio. Just be sure to mention that there is a link in the bio, otherwise the visitor won't know about it. We always shorten links in Bitly. This looks neat and you can see exactly who clicked on the link on which channel. Handy!

5. Interact with followers

As indicated earlier, Instagram is a platform where a lot of interaction takes place. An ideal place to engage in a dialogue with your target audience. You can do this, for example, by responding to photos of your target audience. You can also ask a question under your own content. Make sure you ask clear questions. For example, don't ask "what is your favorite color?" But ask, "red or blue?"

Organizing win actions or contests often generates a lot of interaction as well. However, it is important that you organize an action that suits your brand.

6. Make use of geo tagging

Want to be found well locally? Then make use of geo tagging. Indicate where the photo was taken. That way your local audience will see your posts faster.

7. Follow your target audience

Start following your target audience on Instagram so that they will follow you back. Provided they find you interesting enough, chances are they will follow you back. You can find your target audience by searching on certain #hashtags or by searching by location. Also, be sure to respond to others' posts yourself and like! Be actively present, that way you will stand out more.

8. Post content regularly

Instagram is a platform where content is posted regularly. Most brands that actively engage on Instagram post about 6 posts per week. Most of these posts are posted on weekends. Instagram is not a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. communication tool.

Getting started with Instagram for your business

With the above tips, we can guarantee that you can get a lot of success from Instagram. Provided your target audience is on this channel, of course. Did you find this article interesting? Feel free to share it with your network!

Want more social media or online marketing tips? Then be sure to keep an eye on our blog.

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