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At BTTR, we call ourselves a digital agency, and for good reason. After all, we deploy strategy, design, marketing, data and (web) software development to increase our clients' digital impact. There are countless agencies today that know one or two aspects of the digital playing field. As a digital agency, we stand out because we know the complete spectrum of the digital playing field. So you no longer have to go to different agencies to get your question answered. We are affiliated with the Dutch Digital Agencies. We are proud of that.

Our services as a digital agency

As a digital agency, we focus primarily on complex digital projects that require all of the aforementioned disciplines. For us, a website is never a flat business card of the organization. With us, a membership platform is never a protected environment in which users can find additional information. Your digital product (whether it is a website or a heavy application) is one of the most important success factors of your organization. And so that's how we look at it. Always.


"At BTTR, we believe that trust and co-creation leads to the highest quality possible."

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Of course, a digital agency has to suit you. Check out our services and find out if BTTR suits your organization. We work for renowned organizations throughout the Netherlands, such as: KHN, VHG, Jaarbeurs & RFH.


Our work for Royal FloraHolland

Curious about what we do for our clients? Read the case of Royal FloraHolland and discover what we have created and realized for this organization. RFH asked us the following question: How do we inform and inspire florists to buy seasonal flowers? The shift from "From promotion to purchasing" among florists emphasizes a change in focus, whereby they increasingly focus on strategic purchasing instead of mere promotion. By carefully selecting where they source their flowers, florists can gain a competitive advantage and meet the growing demand for quality and sustainable flowers.

Does your organization have a challenge like this? Join us and become the strongest in the region!

Check out this case for Royal FloraHolland

Why choose BTTR

We have all the skills to address and maintain the digital issues of any organization. Not only that, we are characterized by our innovative approach in which we come up with new digital products, services and features when asked and sometimes unasked. With us as your digital partner, you have an edge over the competition. So choose BTTR as your organization's digital agency.

BTTR is one of the best digital agencies in the Netherlands. To underline that and to keep challenging ourselves, we are a member of Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA). Within the DDA, the best digital agencies in the Netherlands are united and represented. By working together as agencies, we make even more impact and underline the importance of digital, also with the government, for example.

From brand identity to data-driven marketing

At BTTR, we are currently working with a team of over 35 specialists to create more digital impact for our clients. All specialists who work together in multidisciplinary teams on complex digital issues.

The size of our team and all those different disciplines make us a broad-based digital agency. From communication strategy and brand identity to data-driven marketing and conversion optimization; at BTTR we combine all disciplines in such a way that the final product perfectly matches the client's needs.

Website development

Doesn't your company have a website yet or is your website drastically in need of a re-design? At BTTR, we have a team of specialists who develop websites for all kinds of different industries. Having worked with many different organizations, we understand the importance of listening to our clients. That is why we include you in every phase and keep you constantly informed of progress. This allows us to make adjustments whenever necessary.

App development

Apps have become an integral part of our lives. Our developers have been working for years on the development of the coolest apps, often with the aim of making work more efficient and easier. They understand better than anyone how apps will develop in the future. If you want to have an app made, we will make sure that it fits your needs perfectly. Whether this is a native app or a progressive web app (PWA); we have all disciplines in-house.

Online marketing (strategies)

Often a website is built first and then online marketing (SEO) is considered for the website. We think it is important to include online marketing while developing a website. That way everything is right the first time and the structure of the website is ready to be optimized for search engines. Do you already have a well-functioning website from which you want to get more conversion or increase your online visibility? We can help you with that too. At BTTR, we have SEO specialists, SEA specialists and Social specialists. And when monitoring the results of our work, we tap into one of our data specialists.


It is quite possible that your organization is perfectly capable of executing online marketing or development tasks itself, but that there is still a need for an external person with an advisory role; a consultant. Someone who looks over your shoulders and thinks along with your organization on a strategic level. We have several consultants and strategists who can help you think about whether what you are doing is the right way and what follow-up steps are needed to achieve your goals.

Platform development

Getting an online platform developed sounds simpler than it is. In fact, there is a lot involved. For example, the platform must perfectly match the users of the platform; the target audience. At BTTR we understand this like no other and make sure that your users not only stick around but also return to the platform often.

API connection

At BTTR, we realize API links on a daily basis to make different systems work well together. These API connections ensure that data is exchanged between two software systems. This is truly specialized work because an API connection, in addition to communicating with software systems, must also be properly secured. That way, your data is not at risk.

Software development

As a digital agency, we are able to develop all kinds of software. From a progressive web app (PWA) to a native application. Of course, always working from a solid strategy. Before we start development, we look at exactly what your needs are and which software best suits them.

A human and innovative organization

Human and innovative are the words we use to describe ourselves. Human because we understand that an organization consists of people and we find it important not to lose sight of that. Innovative because we are always thinking about that next step and are not afraid to take it. We are able to create simplicity in complex issues and thus stimulate growth and development in our clients.

The Benefits Digital Agency BTTR

  1. Reliable and down to earth
    We like long-term collaborations in which we work together on the basis of trust. We don't promise anything we can't deliver. We make digital completely understandable.
  2. Central location
    Right next to the A12 motorway in Veenendaal, you will find our office at Newtonstraat 1. Come along for an introduction and find out what we can do for your organization.
  3. We have a large team
    Full of diverse disciplines and expertise. So we can handle any digital issue. Whether it is a new proposition with corporate identity and website or a complex member portal full of third-party links: we can do it.
  4. We are proven innovative
    Check out our cases to be convinced of our innovation! For example, we recently tackled the platform of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland.

Digital innovation for tomorrow's world


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Marketing strategist

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