Digital experience

The expertise in which we excel at BTTR: improving users' digital experience. This goes far beyond a user's experience on a website. It is the combination of the use of systems, the social experience and, of course, the website experience. The whole makes the experience complete.

What is a digital experience?

An experience that keeps a user coming back and that makes a user take a pleasant customer journey, that is what you achieve with a good digital experience. This goes beyond just a design with a nice font and pretty colors. It is important to think strategically about your digital experience and examine whether the design matches your proposition.

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Joining our views

Our views on digital experience:

  • 01 Digital starts with accessibility

    The most important thing about a digital experience is accessibility. A design must ensure that a user is guided through your platform. The user knows where to find what he came for. This also allows you to bind a user to you much better and mean more to them.

  • 02 Good research the basis for your digital experience

    A digital experience is never finished. We find it necessary to constantly optimize a digital experience. Through various tools, we collect data. With these, we see where what is happening and where improvements lie. In this way you build an increasingly streamlined customer journey. With research, we lay the foundation for your digital experience and continue to optimize it.

  • 03 The right customer experience can only be achieved with a good digital experience

    It is necessary to know what your target audience wants. We research this based on a customer journey. How do we create an experience that is as pleasant as possible for a customer and how do we include them in your story? This is how we get the most out of your digital experience.


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