Can we advise job seekers on which job opening is the best fit in one click?

  • Application Architecture
  • Culture
  • Modularity
  • User experience design


Westerduin employs employment professionals. They have making a positive impact on people's lives as their deep motivation. The passionate recruiters and account managers know the person behind the resume and know how to make quick, good and surprising matches.


Job seekers are drowning in supply and therefore still too often make the wrong choice. A pity, because this way an individual's potential is insufficiently used!

Finding the right job that perfectly fits your needs is complicated. The supply is simply too great and searching is tedious because the job landscape is so fragmented.


We needed to develop a candidate experience that is simple and minimizes choice stress. The candidate's wellbeing has to be at the center of this so that a job seeker really ends up in the right place.

Solution: an intuitive and engaging platform that seamlessly blends technology and design.

For Westerduin, we integrated all systems as much as possible so that the convenience for the back office is optimal and the front-end accessibility is very accessible.

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