How can we enthuse Generation Z about the floral profession?

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Koninklijke Vereniging Bloemist Winkeliers (VBW) is the entrepreneurial trade association for established florists in the Netherlands. Every day, VBW is committed to helping its more than 1,300 members improve profitability. These entrepreneurs sell flowers, plants, floral arrangements, pots and related products to consumers and businesses from a flower store.


The number of florists is declining and fewer and fewer young people are choosing the floral profession. Generation Z requires a different approach than the target groups VBW previously tried to appeal to.


The floristry profession needs to be promoted in a contemporary and attractive way, in order to get more young people interested in the industry and training to become florists.

Solution: an inspiring youth campaign

Influencing #thefloristcolorlife with young florists as influencers: Young Floral Talents. We gave them training in photography, video, TikTok & Instagram. This is how they became influencers and spread the campaign message: how fun and beautiful the floristry profession is. By offering a DIY package and providing information, we made the target group aware to choose to train at the Floral Education Center.

We reach young people through our own channels, such as VBW trade events, TikTok and Instagram. There is a platform with inspiration and information. We also placed advertisements in (online) trade magazines and social media. Media that reach the sphere of influence of the target group.

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