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GroentenFruit Huis is a membership association for companies active in the marketing of fruits and vegetables. Vereniging GroentenFruit Huis has over 320 members. These members consist of trading companies and grower associations engaged in the marketing of fruits and vegetables.


GroentenFruit Huis was looking for an online environment where they could inform and inspire their members. We developed a customized member portal that fits the needs of GroentenFruit Huis. A portal for knowledge sharing, collaboration, inspiration and a place where information is collected; that is the member portal of GroentenFruit Huis in a nutshell.


Developing a member portal. Also called an online environment where everything is about involving members. The portal is therefore designed so that members can not only find information, they can also exchange knowledge themselves, use various tools and inspire each other. Members who participate in committees on organic production or the collective bargaining agreement, for example, have a closed group together in the portal where they can share specific information and documents.

The member portal of GroentenFruit Huis is linked to the PerfectView CRM. This CRM feeds the member portal with relevant information from and about the members. But the link also works to its advantage the other way around. Among other things, members can indicate in their personal environment of the member portal which areas they are interested in. Through the link with PerfectView CRM, this information is processed directly in the CRM and mailings are sent automatically about the indicated areas of interest.

Solution: a member portal

Members have the ability to personalize their interactive dashboard in the member portal. Widgets can be placed or removed and interesting topics moved more to the top. Is there a lot of interest in the calendar? With a simple drag and drop it is at the top of the dashboard. This way members are always aware of webinars or other events about to take place. An interactive personalized dashboard increases ease of use for members.

A member portal can be a godsend for member organizations or industry associations to be more in touch with members. It gives the opportunity to share information and knowledge, but also to be involved in projects or choices that need to be made for the organization. There are many possibilities for using a member portal and it can provide many benefits for the organization, such as:

  • Increase engagement with your members. Easily invite them into the portal to join discussions on certain topics.
  • One central online environment where all the information members need can be found. This ensures uniformity of information.
  • The possibility of an interactive dashboard that allows members to set up and customize their own environment as they wish.
  • Easily interface with your trade association's CRM system. So you never miss information about your members.

Also curious about the possibilities of a membership portal for your membership organization or trade association?

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