How do we ensure that only sustainable fish is bought in the Netherlands?

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Is a farmed salmon a better than a wild one? Is locally caught fish more sustainable than fish from far away? Which fish is better not to put on my menu? And which fish is just fine on the shelves? Good Fish helps you choose sustainable fish. Our goal: 100% Good Fish in the Netherlands.


Consumers often have no idea what kind of fish they are buying and the impact of buying it on the health of the population and habitat of the species. Logical, because to find out, you really have to make a study of it.

Consumers need easily accessible information so they can make healthier choices.


Develop an application that is accessible to everyone and helps the buyer (often the consumer, but also owners of restaurants or fish stores) to make a healthier choice when they are in the supermarket, ordering at the restaurant or standing at the fish stand.

The solution: an accessible PWA

For Good Fish Foundation, we developed a lightning-fast Progressive Web App (PWA) that is accessible to the target audience through the proper application of User Experience Design.

PWAs much faster and more responsive than traditional mobile apps because they are built with modern Web technologies that provide fast load times and a smooth user experience. This allows users to quickly and easily access the information and features they need.

Why we think you can't do without a PWA

Why you need a PWA

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