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Complete care in furnishing your vacation home: an ideal proposition. With a showroom of over 4,000 square meters, customers enter an oasis of interior styling and inspiration.


The proposition did not sufficiently match the desired target group. Ultimate customers did not find their way through the website but came from other sources.


Complete in Style asked BTTR to bring in customers through online channels. With a completely new corporate identity, a new website and automated marketing, we made that wish a reality.

The solution: a new proposition that perfectly matches the desired target audience

Using several sprints, we delved into the matter together with the client. The ideal target group was then mapped out by means of user stories and user flows.

From the user stories and user flows, we revamped the corporate identity, developed wireframes and converted this to a sleek website. That sleek website was then linked to the chosen marketing tools and extensively tested. Thus, all leads arrive in a spread in a new CRM and leads are converted to customers with automated e-mail marketing campaigns.

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