Can we personalize our candidate journey for potential new colleagues by work experience and expertise?

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BOOT is a large engineering firm providing integrated consulting and management services. All facets of the living environment are present within the company. BOOT has a great work environment and excellent conditions.


BOOT's engineers: there is a story behind them. That story is felt and carried by everyone who works at BOOT, but outside their own walls BOOT's story is somewhat less known.


How do we achieve top employees who have a perfect "culture-fit" with BOOT's culture? Internally, BOOT has things in order. So time to start highlighting this properly.

The solution: a rock-solid employer brand

For BOOT, we worked on a spot-on work-at-home platform. On this platform, employee stories are told and an extensive selection by job type is possible. The work-by platform allows BOOT to present the organization in its completeness.


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