How do we manage Internet, television and telephony for our 18,000 clients?

  • Application Architecture
  • Microservices
  • Modularity
  • Scalability
  • User experience design


ASVZ offers sustainable care, now and in the future. To people with a mental disability who use ASVZ's services for short or long periods of time. In contact with their surroundings, they show what they do and what they can do. And especially how they do it. In this way ASVZ strengthens the connection with clients, their networks, volunteers, municipalities and social organizations.


ASVZ has several branches throughout the country where settings regularly need to be adjusted when it comes to telephony and internet. This takes a lot of time since there is not a central place that facilitates this.


Developing an application that intervenes on various external software solutions.

The solution: a user-friendly application

We developed a digital platform in which all adjustments can be made remotely. This makes it easy to quickly make changes to telephony or Internet for a specific location, or for all locations.

The reason why we connect data

More on the power of API integrations

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